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Water Reducing Agent


Water reducing agent can be used as brightened agent for colorful cement blocks and concrete precast.


Name: water reducer for gypsum board
Appearance: white
Water content: ≤5%
Cement paste fluidity: 210-280
Mortar water reduction ratio: ≥14%
Gypsum water reduction ratio: ≥10%
PH-value (20℃) (20% solution): 7 to 9
Air Content (%): ≤2.8
1 day Concrete Compressive Strength Ratio (%): ≥180
Dosage Recommendation (%): In relation to weight of binder
Powder: 0.5% to 1.0% against cement weight, 0.3% to 0.5% against gypsum weight


Water reducing agent is mainly applied in high strength mortar, gypsum products, self leveling floor, filler, grouts etc; high strength concrete, high fluidity concrete, high endurance concrete, aluminates cement refractory concrete, low cement refractory castable, and steam curing concrete.

Advantages of Water Reducing Agent

1. To maintain slump perfectly within 1-3 hours
2. Low dosage, and so to save cost in comparison with other water reducers at equal performance
3. High water reduction
4. To enable a much better flowability of the mixture
5. To improve the strength and durability of the concrete drastically
6. To save cement at equal strength and durability
7. Eco-friendly (no formaldehyde or benzene)
8. Resulting in low concrete shrinkage ratio to make sure better construction quality
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