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Gypsum Powder Production Line

  • Gypsum Powder Machine
  • FGD Gypsum Production Line
  • Phosphorus Gypsum Production Line


The raw material of gypsum powder can be from natural gypsum rock, phosphogypsum, FGD (flue-gas desulfurization). The gypsum powder production line (gypsum plaster machine) is composed of crushing system, grinding system, calcining system, energy supply system, conveying system, packing system and storage system.

Classification of Gypsum Plaster Machine

According to the difference in the raw material, the gypsum powder production line is categorized into three: natural gypsum powder production, FGD gypsum production line and phosphogypsum production line.

Application of Gypsum Plaster Machine

The gypsum from the three production line can be used as construction material, for example, to make gypsum board, gypsum block or plaster.

Production Capacity: 10,000 tons/year - 200,000 tons/year

Quality of Final Product: Conformity with Chinese National Standard GB/T 9776-1988
Raw Materials: Content of CaSO4·2H2O in gypsum mine >80%.
Fuel for Production: Natural Gas, Oil or Coal

Main Parts of Gypsum Powder Production Line

1. Ore Station
2. Crusher
3. Grinding System
4. Calcine Kiln
5. Exit System
6. Material Elevator
7. Silo
8. Entrance System
9. Coal/Natural Gas System
10. Dust Collector
11. Material Elevator
12. Aging Silo

Working Process of Gypsum Powder Production Line

Gypsum rock —— crusher —— raw material silo —— grinder —— calcinor —— silo—— packing machine

1. The Crusher will break the big-size gypsum ore into small 25 mm pieces,and then the small pieces will be sent to the grinder, after grinding fine ,the qualified raw gypsum powder will be sent to boiling furnace to calcine , and the unqualified part will be sent to grinder until it’s qualified .After calcining ,the qualified gypsum powder will be sent to spiral conveyor through hoist .
2. The spiral conveyor will send the calcined gypsum powder to silo for storage, and cool the powder during the process. The dust remover is on the top of silo, the unqualified part will be sent to grinder until it’s qualified. The stored gypsum will be sent to product storage through steel impeller feeder, spiral conveyor, hoist, and then send the qualified gypsum powder to storage or workshop finally .
3. The top pulse bag-type dust remover will collect dust from crusher, particle silo .When the dust and dust gas get into the dust remover through inlet, the big-size dust particle will fall because the increasing size and decreasing wind speed. The small dust particle will be filtered by filter bag. The filtered gas will be got rid of by outlet. The grade of mine and the crystal configuration will influence the quality of semi-hydrated gypsum.