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Gypsum Accelerator


Accelerators are additives that shorten the setting time of gypsum plaster or setting-type joint compound. Adding an accelerator to the mix causes gypsum crystals to form at a much faster rate. And the formulation of these crystals is the setting process. Gypsum accelerator is intended to provide a slight adjustment to the setting time for veneer and conventional plasters.

Application of Plaster Accelerator

Gypsum accelerators are additives that shorten the setting times for gypsum plaster and setting-type joint compounds by causing gypsum crystals to form at a much faster rate.

Packaging & Delivery

25kgs bag and/or 1MT big bag
Color: white or off-white

Features of Plaster Accelerator

1. Gypsum Accelerator
Retarder for gypsum is able to effectively delay the setting time of gypsum plaster. And the strength of gypsum can be kept well.
Recommended added quantity: 0.1-0.5% of gypsum by weight
2. Rapid-setting Accelerator for Gypsum Plaster
Rapid-setting Accelerator for gypsum plaster can cause gypsum plaster rapid setting and fast hardening.
Recommended added quantity: about 1.0% of gypsum by weight
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