Product List

Gypsum Powder Additives

  • Citric Acid
  • Cellulose for Gypsum
  • Glue Powder
  • Starch Ether


The gypsum powder additives are mainly for wall plaster purpose. Mainly four kinds of additives are recommended: citric acid, cellulose, glue powder and starch ether. They can improve the gypsum plaster’s strength, fluidity and setting time.


Gypsum powder additives can be use for produce ceiling and other construction

List of Powder Additive for Gypsum

1. Citric Acid
2. Cellulose
3. Glue Powder
4. Starch Ether

Advantages of Gypsum Powder Additives

1. Increased adhesion to all kinds of substrates
2. Improved toughness, cohesion and density of mortars
3. Improved workability
4. Increased impact and abrasion resistance
5. Good strength development of mortar
6. Higher flexural strength, flexibility and deformability
7. Improved wetting of substrate
8. Freeze/thaw resistance
9. Improved water retention capability and open time
10. Improved water repellent effect of the mortars.