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Citric Acid


Type: Acidity Regulators, Nutrition Enhancers
Color: A white crystalline powder
Citric acid is used as a retardant in gypsum plaster. It is especially important in machine applied plaster and in casting plaster, which normally have longer setting times than wallboard plaster.

Application of Acidity Regulators

Citric acid is mainly used as acidulant, flavoring agent, preservative and ansisting agent, preservative and antistaling agent in food and beverage industry. Moreover, it is also used as antioxidant, plasticizer and detergent in chemical, cosmetics and cleaning industries.

Packaging & Delivery

25kg kraft bag or as customer's request.
Prompt shipment

Specifications of Acidity Regulators

BP98/E330 Citric acid monohydrate BP98
1. Cas No: 204-886-1
2. 8-80mesh, 8-40 mesh

Citric acid monohydrate 8-40 mesh

1. 8-80mesh, 8-40 mesh
3. 25kg per kraft bag, 1×20FCL=25MT
4. Citric acid anhydrous (10-40 mesh,30-100mesh)
5. Quality Standard : BP98 / E330
6. GMP ISO HACCP KOSHER HALAL pack in craft bag or laminated bags.
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