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Gypsum Board White Latex


The gypsum board white latex (white glue) is especially designed for bonding PVC with a variety of substrates. The product has the advantages of fast curing, high strength, heat resistance, water resistance,moderate toughness and etc. Especially suitable for bonding PVC film with gypsum board, MDF and fiberboard.

Application of Gypsum Board White Latex

1.For PVC sheet, gypsum board
2.Glue for PVC film foil
3.Good and best quality glue
4.Construction materials

Specifications of Gypsum Board White Latex

Name: White Emulsion, or White Glue
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Main Raw Material: vinyl polymer
Usage: Construction, coatings and adhesives
Model Number: white emulsion
Appearance: White, latex
Solid content (%): 35 to 55
Viscosity (Mpa.s 25℃): 8000 to 16000

Packaging & Delivery of Gypsum Board White Latex

Packaging Details: containers, in drum,standard export packing
Delivery Detail: in about 10 days
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