Product List

Gypsum Board Raw Material

  • Modified Starch
  • Gypsum Board Paper
  • Gypsum Board White Latex
  • Foaming Agents for Gypsum Boards
  • Water Reducing Agent
  • Gypsum Retarding Agent
  • Gypsum Accelerator


The main raw material of gypsum board includes gypsum, paper, modified starch, foam agent, white latex, water reducing agent, setting retarder, setting accelerant, etc. But it does limited to this range. According to the local situation and the raw material’s chemical components, the raw material quantity might be adjusted in quantity and variety.


Using gypsum as raw material for drywall, the product is made with multi-chemicals and by sterilization, disinfection and physicochemical treatment. Gypsum board raw material is also a kind of absorbent power modified starch and widely used as gypsum board.

Specifications of Gypsum Board Raw Material

Used for gypsum board
Color: white
Professional producer
Quality guaranteed
State: powder

Character of Gypsum Board Raw Material

1. Translucent cement grout, ivory color, good water-soluble, Fire-proof, moisture-proof
2. Good fluidity, coating, adhesion of good permeability, flexibility and stable performance
3. Enhance the strength of the gypsum board toughness